Afterhourfilms….We are a production company comprised of three guys born and raised in Brooklyn. We write, direct & produce film and video content under the pseudonym “The Thirdman”. As kids growing into young adults, we ventured into the graffiti world and fought the neighborhood beefs representing our crew as most kids did that grew up in that era. As life matures we then moved on into the explosive club scene of the 90’s. At this moment in our lives we worked hard but played harder, ending our nights in some of the cities most infamous after hour clubs dreaming and even hallucinating ideas for future projects. Several pieces have been brought to life as you can see in our sample box.

One of our films “The Anonymous Gamblers” was accepted into The New York International Film and Video Festival, which went on to win Best Experimental Feature. Although our minds and creative tastes have matured,  the edginess and grittiness of Brooklyn is still evident in our work. We are a full pre and post production company that will deliver an eclectic and professional finished product.